Thursday, July 23, 2009

Buttercream cakes look different than fondant cakes.

Many Brides always ask me if I can make buttercream look like fondant, the answer is a resounding NO! My feeling is buttercream can be made smooth, but it always seems to show more imperfections than fondant. It will also melt under the heat of the sun. I saw a cake once at a famous hotel in town, they had a beautiful buttercream cake under the glass Atrium it was winter and the buttercream roses were melting away from the heat of the sun! Real buttercream melts at 84 degree's it also will melt under hot spotlighting, Most outside weddings are held in June, July. and August, the baker must use a buttercream and shorting ratio for outside weddings or they must do a Swiss Meringue icing that is a little more heat stable but both still melt easy. Here are some examples of my buttercream cakes all works are mine. It is important that you know what your bakers buttercream cakes look like. Next blog will be about fondant cakes.

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