Saturday, August 23, 2008


Amaretto cake, originally uploaded by CakesByShara.

Sometimes you meet two special people and it helps when they are from you birth state and home of many years, Dallas Texas. This special couple Shelly and Vince came to me in March to meet we talked about her ideas and select a very special wedding cake.
Today they were married at the Beautiful Hermitage Hotel in Downtown Nashville with friends and family. Thank you so much to Mary Alice with A Delightful Day for making the Set Up quick and easy and to Amy from The Hermitage Hotel for being so kind and professional.
Most of all I hope you day was wonderful Shelly and Vince!


2duce2 Wedding Videos said...

I can't wait till technology will let us eat food through our computers...haha...looks good!!

Joan said...

that is so gorgeous. I was wondering how you keep the icing stiff? More confectioner's sugar? Perhaps a bit of shortening (?!) to make it hold? My all-butter butter cream icing tastes good but it gets melty and soft looking. It's hard to keep my cupcakes looking nice.

Cakes By Shara said...

Thanks Guys,
On My Wedding cakes I add a little High Ratio Shortening because butter has a low melt point of about 84 degree's and it melts corn starch or a little bit of flour helps. Meringue powder also helps stabilize.

Rhonda Patton said...

I totally love this cake!!! Very simple and elegant. Job well done - again!!!!

See ya Saturday!