Friday, November 16, 2007

Bridal show cake

Bridal show cake, originally uploaded by CakesByShara.

Bridal show cake

This print was done first by Amanda, She was so kind to share how to do this cake. I had been looking for this print all over the place for cookies and ornament cookies plus I so wanted to do a black and white cake for my bridal show coming up, so when I saw Manda's cake yesterday I had a manic moment LOL
The bow is fashioned in the style of Anne from the pink cake box. I think Manda did a much better job on hers and I am so thankful for the willingness she has to share. THIS WAS A HARD CAKE the patterns will never match well so if you are OCD leave this kind of cake alone!

Thank you Manda!!

Uploaded by CakesByShara on 11 Nov 07, 11.43PM CST.
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Anonymous said...

best cake ever