Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wedding Cake Trends in The Sunday Paper today

Hi Everyone,
We are excited about a article in the Tennessean today, Our company was featured as one of the companies talking about wedding cake trends in Tennessee. I wanted to share with you two cakes photo's that were not clearly labeled for the photographers work, and one photo that is ours and not the French Confection in the online article the first comes from Myrick Studios , and the second comes from Evan Baines. I always try to get proper photo credits to the talent behind the photo's. So this is a correction on my part to get proper credit to the photographers. We were delighted that they showed us working on a Rental display cake from our home as well. Something I hope picks up in the south due to weddings still being very large. 200 to 250 people is still very common in this economy, cakes that serve that many people can very expensive at best to quote the competitors  pricing at $5.00 a slice and $6.00 a slice making a cake $1250.00 to $1500.00. Yes you can get a 3 tiered cake for 100 people for $600.00, but with my cakes you can have 5 to 6 tiers. Why settle. Rent your display cake today. For traditional cake needs our prices start at $4.25 a slice for budget, $4.50 to $6.90 a slice for designer and $7.00 a slice for custom work based on 100 servings of cake. We have current specials running as well if you book before the 17th of February. Just ask us for the deal.